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Recycled Asphalt (crushed asphalt)


Looking for an affordable and environmentally responsible option for your driveway or parking lot project? Say hello to Recycled Asphalt, also known as Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP). This exceptional material not only saves you money but also reduces your ecological footprint.

What Is Recycled Asphalt? Recycled Asphalt, or Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP), is a sustainable alternative to conventional asphalt. It's created by re purposing old asphalt surfaces, significantly cutting down on waste and resource consumption.

How Is Reclaimed Asphalt Made? The process is simple yet effective. When asphalt is removed from driveways, parking lots, or roads, it's stockpiled and processed similarly to crushed aggregates like crusher run. After passing through the crusher, it becomes a uniform material ready for your driveway or parking lot.

Main Uses of Recycled Asphalt Recycled Asphalt can replace virgin asphalt in various applications, including:

  1. Base: Provides a solid foundation for new construction or resurfacing projects.
  2. Shoulders: Reinforces road shoulders.
  3. Alleys: Perfect for residential or industrial alleys.
  4. Potholes: Ideal for pothole repairs.

The Pros of Recycled Asphalt

  • Affordability: It's budget-friendly, requiring fewer resources and less labor for production and installation.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Recycling asphalt reduces waste and conserves resources, offering a sustainable option.
  • Strong Bonding: Tar remnants in recycled asphalt create excellent bonding properties, resulting in a semi-permanent driveway resistant to dust and dirt.
  • Attractive Appearance: Combining elements of gravel and traditional asphalt, it creates a unique and appealing aesthetic.

Benefits for Driveways and Parking Lots Recycled Asphalt offers numerous benefits for your projects:

  • Stays in Place: Adheres firmly, preventing tracking onto shoes and surfaces.
  • Low Maintenance: Requires minimal upkeep, saving you time and effort. It can be regraded and repacked if necessary.
  • Cost-Effective: Competitively priced for budget-conscious homeowners and contractors.
  • Reduced Dust: Generates less dust than traditional materials, creating a cleaner environment.
  • Strong Packing: Compacts well, providing a durable surface for regular use.

Why Choose Recycled Asphalt? Whether it's a new driveway, resurfacing, or commercial projects like parking lots, Recycled Asphalt is the ideal choice. Its cost-effectiveness, minimal environmental impact, and versatility make it perfect for both residential and commercial use.

Environmentally Responsible Choice By using Recycled Asphalt, you contribute to a greener, more sustainable future by reducing waste and lowering the demand for non-renewable resources. Many places mandate its use in road construction to promote responsible resource management.

Cost Savings for All The cost-effectiveness of Recycled Asphalt benefits homeowners and contractors alike, making it perfect for budget-conscious projects.

Proven Durability When processed correctly, Recycled Asphalt offers longevity and reliability, ensuring your project stands the test of time.

An Array of Applications From residential driveways to commercial parking lots and road construction, Recycled Asphalt has a wide range of uses, making it valuable for various projects.

Join the Sustainable Revolution Choose Recycled Asphalt for your next project and join the ranks of environmentally conscious homeowners and contractors. This cost-effective, eco-friendly material combines affordability, durability, and versatility. Make the responsible choice today, and enjoy a paving solution that stands the test of time while preserving our planet's resources.

Explore Recycled Asphalt Today. Pave the way to a sustainable, budget-friendly future with Recycled Asphalt. Discover the possibilities and make the responsible choice for your next project."

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