Screened Topsoil

Product Overview

Screened topsoil is the nutrient rich top layer of soil that has had the stones, roots and any other objects removed.

Product Description

Screened Top Soil

Top soil is simply the top layer of soil that has been screened to remove heavy clumps, root clusters, and large stones, resulting in a versatile product ideal for various landscaping projects. Whether you need to patch your lawn or provide a quick top-up to garden beds, Screened Top soil is up to the task. Please note that as a natural product, it may contain small pebbles and occasional fibers, adding an organic touch to your gardening efforts.

Perfect for New Lawns and Stunning Landscapes

Screened Topsoil is an ideal foundation for creating new lawns through seeding or sodding. Its nutrient-rich composition provides an optimal environment for grass to thrive, making it an excellent choice for large landscaping projects. If you require sod, consider exploring our Premium Kentucky Blue Grass Sod, a perfect complement to our topsoil for achieving the lush lawn of your dreams.

Screened topsoil is the nutrient-rich top layer of soil that has undergone a thorough screening process to remove stones, roots, and other objects. This process also results in a fine, even consistency that is a delight to work with. Its common uses encompass gardening, lawn preparation for seeding or sodding. Our screened topsoil consistently meets the highest standards set by our discerning customers.

Topsoil, typically spanning two to eight inches in depth, constitutes the uppermost layer of Earth's surface. Comprising mineral particles, organic matter, water, and air, topsoil is the lifeblood of healthy gardens and lawns. Without quality topsoil, plant life would suffer significantly.

Benefits of Using Screened Topsoil

  • Consistent Particle Size: The uniform particle size of screened topsoil allows for natural water flow and even distribution of essential nutrients, promoting a healthier garden.
  • Improved Root Growth: When incorporated into existing soil, screened topsoil encourages deep root growth, leading to more robust and vibrant vegetation.

  • Enhanced Tree and Plant Growth: Trees and larger plants thrive in screened topsoil, growing taller and fuller, while fruit-bearing trees yield more fruit.

In summary, our Screened Topsoil is the foundation upon which you can create a lush, thriving outdoor space. Its meticulous screening, versatility, and nutrient-rich composition make it an invaluable asset for your gardening and landscaping projects. Invest in quality topsoil to elevate your landscape to new heights of beauty and vitality.

If you are looking for delivery of bulk screened topsoil from a top soil supplier near you please fill in your address at the top of the page.

Please Note:

As a natural product that lives outside where it weed seeds can blow onto it, our screened topsoil may contain traces of weed seeds. While our screening process is meticulous, complete weed seed removal, along with other small unwanted ingredients, remains challenging. To achieve truly weed-free soil, a separate process involving heating and the reintroduction of lost microorganisms and nutrients would be necessary.

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Perfect For

Screened topsoil is perfect for septic system installation or repairs, gardens, lawn restoration or installations, brick walkway or patio installations, hot tub/spa pad installations, above ground pool installations, steps and walkways, ponds and waterfalls, playground installations, green roofs and more.


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